"There exists more than just a constancy of healthy contradiction, as well, in the inventions of Gustavo Ramos Rivera. This irregular geometric figures, his lyric content, his planes of primary colors contrasting with grays, his graffiti and the titles of each work constitute the qualities of a game controlled by the rules of entertainment. His reference to common places and to an untroubled childhood world give him a perspective of understanding, truly valuable in the context of good and evil, beauty and ugliness. Paintings that not only promise the sabotage of an asphyxiating life without humor, but also the opporutnity for fantasy as a moral way of acting. An extension of our qualities Ramos Rivera represents in his work the primary human quality, generous in good feelings and capable of error. Curiously, the most abstract (in appearance only) of these eight artists, contemporaries of uncertainty or true ambiguity, it is he that has fleshed out, with greater realism, the current condition of a truly vulnerable principle, as forcefully present as it is demonstrably useful: our national identity."

Guillermo Santamaria

October, 1991, Mexico D.F.

Art In America, September 1991

"Each painting is like an entry into a personal diary. Each title is pure poetry - and for good reason. Many nights he invites his writer friend, Juvenal Acosta, to his studio for some wine and music. Gustavo pulls out finished pieces and together names are born. Hearing them in his native language is like listening to rain serenade a lake on a Sunday afternoon. He titles all his works in both Spanish and English. The way the words dance with each other is as romantic as it gets."

Written by Ben Bamsey

Photographs by Gina Taro


Summer 2007 issue


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